Kulanu (All of Us)

Fran Avni: Kulanu - All of Us in Harmony

To order KULANU cds in Canada, contact fran@franavni.com

A brand-new recording of inspiring chants and songs of peace, love, harmony and unity. Singer-songwriter Fran Avni is known for her warm welcoming vocals, creating instant harmonies, with her infectious and engaging sense of syncopation, multi-layering of voices and inclusion of all voices through drones, chants and simple melodic lines.

This project, reflects her ongoing Harmony Happening work with diverse groups of people, inviting and encouraging everyone to lift up their voices and sing together with joy and spirit.

Her motto:
Harmony in community and community in harmony.



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  1. HalleluyaTrad. Chant
  2. ShehecheyanuMusic By Fran Avni
  3. Hine Ma TovKulanu Yachad – Psalms/ New Music © Fran Avni
  4. If Not Now, Then WhenHillel/Pirke Avot /music © Fran Avni
  5. Kol Yisrael ArevimTalmud/ English Words & Music © Fran Avni
  6. The Colours Of PeaceWords & Music By Fran Avni
  7. Olam Chesed YibanehR. Menachem Creditor www.menachemcreditor.org
  8. The Lion And The LambWords & Music © Fran Avni
  9. Narrow Bridge/Gesher TsarText R. Nachman Of Bratslav, English Lyrics Fran Avni & Susan Cogan/music © Fran Avni
  10. Asher Lo Ha YamPsalm 95 Music © Daphna Rosenberg, www.navatehila.org
  11. Bring The PeaceHebrew Text/ English Lyrics And Music © Fran Avni
  12. Hine Ma Tov– Shevet AmimTrad/ New Music Fran Avni
  13. Ma GadluR. Shefa Gold www.rabbishefagold.com
  14. If You Can WalkBased on a Zimbabwe saying/Additional Words And Music © Fran Avni