What Are People Saying?

Harmony Happening
“Fran Avni is an international treasure. She reminds us that music is best when shared with many, allowing us to build bridges of spirit, hope, community and song”

Craig Taubman

“I have participated in many of Fran’s Choirs and Harmony Happenings. She has the fabulous ability to take disparate abilities, ages, and talents and meld them into a joyous community of voices and instruments.”

Roger A. Smith, percussionist

“At the CAJE conference this past August, I decided to join Fran's annual Havdalah choir. While I love singing, I am definitely not a trained musician. It turned into an instant Happening of Harmony, both at rehearsal and in performance, blending our voices while responding to Fran’s rhythmic fingers, hands, arms, face - the whole Fran. She lifted us up to a higher level of spirit and joy and song! Because of this joy-filled musical experience, all of the participants maintained a special bond throughout the entire conference.”

Peninnah Schram, Storyteller, Author

“Fran’s Harmony Happening is s a wonderful program. It just pulls everyone together and reaches beyond the normal chorus experience. There isn’t the brain focus of getting everything just right and sight reading music. It’s such a physical thing of connecting to the rhythm, to each other, and watching her hands move as they ‘tell’ everyone the notes- which way to go and how fast to sing them. It's easy to participate in and works wonderfully with all ages.”

Helene Kates singer/songwriter - Ba’al Shem Tones, Atlanta, GA

“I have witnessed musical miracles in the hands of Fran Avni. Fran is not just a fine musician, but she enables other people to see that they can also be fine musicians by working together. I have seen the results of her choral work with adults and with children, and, beyond just musical, it is harmonious. It’s actually quite moving to see a disparate group of people come together, letting go of ego, and work cooperatively and artistically together in a fairly short time.”

Rabbi Phyllis Berman

“Singing with Fran Avni’s Havdallah choir was joyful. As a director, she encourages each person to add their own personal touch to the music, to feel the music, and stresses the fact that you don't have to be a brilliant singer to participate; as a songwriter, she pulls you into intoxicating rhythms, and melodies that may seem complex at first, until you realize, hey, that’s exactly how this song is supposed to go, perfect!”

Karen Daniels, singer/songwriter

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