What Is A Harmony Happening?

Harmony Happening

You may know them as Instant Choruses, Sing-a-longs or Harmony Happenings. Call them what you will, one thing’s for sure — Fran Avni’s dynamic interactive concerts and workshops get everyone singing in instant harmony. With a wide repertoire of folk, traditional and contemporary music that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds, you'll be amazed at the exciting fun you’ll have when Fran brings your community together in song.

Fran’s Instant Harmony Happenings inspire and uplift. Her infectious gift of rhythm and groove provides a new beat to ancient wisdom and contemporary themes. With spontaneity and warmth, spirit and energy, Fran gets everyone to lift up their voices creating an immediate joyous chorus. And the audience of listeners become participants too!

Creating community, promoting peace

Join Fran in creating improvisational melodies and counterpoints, chants, drones, rounds and vocal percussion. A perfect participatory program for any community, tapping the talents and potential in every group.

Develop immediate connection and enhance group dynamics. Trust, listening skills and respectful, cooperative interaction are joyfully explored through the use of melody and rhythm. As well as learning new songs, and 'tuning in' to each other, it’s a great way to improve group and individual communication. With heartbeats and drumbeats everyone lifts up their voices to make a joyful sound!

Who Can Benefit From A Harmony Happening?

Community centers, churches, synagogues, schools, summer camps, retreats, conferences, elder hostels, intergenerational choruses, interfaith programmes, festivals and more. Where there’s a community, there’s a Harmony Happening waiting to happen!

Host A Harmony Happening In Your Community!